The Goal Setting Playbook : How To Achieve Big Goals and Transform Your Life

If you were to approach any successful person and ask what their secret is, it would all point back to when they had a wish and they began writing it down in a notebook as a goal and then later on it became real.


This book is a 10 year research into powerful skill of goal setting and life transformation. I’ll teach you how to design your life so you can set proper targets and achieve your goals.

Ballin’ On A Budget : A Beginners Guide To Managing Your Money

Sick and tired of not having enough money left over? Fed up with struggling to pay the bills?


Empty bank account? Want to go on holiday but don’t have the cash? Need to save up for a home deposit? It’s time to take control of your finances.


In this book I’ll teach you the 7 steps to managing your personal finances. It’s not complicated, it’s very easy to follow and anyone can do it if they have the burning desire to change.

Skye Island

Mark Andrews works as an accountant and lives a very normal life. One day, his life is turned upside down where he loses his fiancé, his job, his home and all his possessions. Mark encounters a caretaker who shares with him a valuable life lesson and guides him on a new path.


Mark goes on a journey of self discovery. He travels to Tibet and meets a wiseman who teaches him the secrets of the universe and the importance of finding Skye Island.

Getting Things Done Like A Boss : The 10 Productivity Habits of High Achievers

If you’re looking for the ultimate playbook for getting things done, this book is the key. I’ll share with you my personal productivity secrets I’ve used to turn companies around and produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in over a few short months.


I’ve scoured hundreds of books on productivity and they all boil down to a few key principles outlined in this book. You can ignore the rest.


Once mastered, you’ll get things done and achieve your goals beyond your wildest dreams.

The Art of Self Confidence and Not Giving A F*ck : The Confidence Playbook

In this confidence playbook, you’ll learn how to finally break through your fears and become more confident today!


Confidence is the master key of successful people and by learning some of the tips and strategies in this book, you’ll evolve into a respected and confident leader.


By learning how to become more confident, you’ll be able to accelerate your career, become more respected, increase your income, become more attractive and also become a stronger person who doesn’t give a f*ck.

Sandra and the Balloon

Sandra and the Balloon is a children's book that teaches kids to go after their dreams.


Sandra begins her journey by having a dream to fly a balloon on top of a mountain. Along the way, she encounters challenges and finds ways to overcome them.


Can she make it to the top of the mountain and achieve her dream?

How To Save Your First $10,000 : A Step by Step Guide to Building Your First Big Pile of Cash in the Bank

Are you behind on your bills? Struggling to get ahead financially? Do you find it hard to stick to a budget and save money?


This book will teach you the step by step blueprint to saving your first $10,000. With $10,000, you can solve a lot of problems such as: - Having an emergency fund. - Travel to any destination you want. - Save towards a home deposit. - Peace of mind. - Quit your job. - Invest. - Gives you confidence. - and much more!


$10,000 is a very important milestone for once you’ve achieved this major financial goal, you build confidence and move towards banking more money beyond the $10,000 mark.


With $10,000, you build a financial wall around you which gives you peace of mind and the ability to have more freedom in your life.


Read this book and enjoy the benefits $10,000 in the bank can give you.